"Plans are nothing;
planning is everything.” 
Dwight D. Eisenhower

Whether you are a small business owner, entrepreneur getting a new endeavor out of the gates, or simply want to take some time to focus on where you are going in your career, small business coaching can help find and set the direction, tactical and strategic goals as well as the ongoing management of staying on track towards those goals.

What is Business Coaching?

Business coaching is a process used to take a business or organization from where it is now to where the owner(s) wants it to be.   A business coach will assist and guide the leadership team in growing the business by helping clarify the vision of the business and how it fits in with individual personal goals, values and priorities.

Benefits of Business Coaching

There are a number of positive benefits that can be achieved with an experienced business coach, both for the individual and the business:

  • Improved time management

  • Better work-life balance

  • Decreased stress

  • Career development and transition support

  • Increased productivity/performance both professionally and personally

  • Increased awareness and stronger interpersonal skills

  • Leadership development

  • Enhanced confidence and empowerment

  • Improved communication, listening and decision making skills

  • Greater capability to handle change and reframe challenge into opportunity

  • Improved problem solving skills and reduction of conflict

  • Increased employee satisfaction, retention and loyalty


Ideal business coaching candidates share a common trait in that they want some sort of change the trajectory of their business.  They must be willing, wanting and ready to put both work and energy into making changes happen.   For business coaching to work at its best, it is essential that the entire team is motivated to invest time and energy into integrating the outcomes of the coaching sessions into real change in the business to maximize the benefits of coaching.

Business Coaching Session Structure


Business coaching is a process of change and growth, and although change can at times be almost instantaneous, often some trial and error is expected and normal.  It takes time for new behaviors, perspectives, and ways of thinking to set root and find momentum as well as for action to take place and long-term learning and growth to be established.

To be truly effective, a minimum three month commitment is usually necessary, with virtual meetings every other week via Zoom.  The frequency and duration of meetings are flexible, and it is not uncommon for clients to continue working with their business coach for longer periods of time.

Between regular sessions, the team will be given ‘assignments’ (co-created between us) to work on, and it’s important to know that investing the time and willingness to take action on these assignments is critical in order to successfully move towards the defined goals.


Small Business Owner

Hospitality Industry

Learning the hard way that my business wasn't resilient was a tough lesson.  Now I'm identifying vulnerabilities and taking real action - and seeing real results.


New Business Venture

I had a new business trapped inside me for years and Don helped me work through my mindset challenges and build a plan to make my dream a reality!


Not-for-Profit Organization

Our organization was coasting along with mediocre results and a team that wasn't engaged.  That's all turning around and our team is now working as a team.

The Business Coaching Investment


Your Business Coaching program will be custom designed for your organization based on your needs and goals.  The monthly cost is based on duration and frequency of our meetings.  Our initial Discovery session is approximately 90 minutes and regular coaching sessions are set up with key participants to best support your team, usually ranging from 30-60 min and either weekly or bi-weekly.   Support via phone, text or email in between meetings is included in the monthly cost.

The Business Coaching Discovery Session


Our first session will be 90 minutes in order to complete the discovery portion and to kick-start our relationship.  This initial session is critical, and several exercises will be sent to you to complete prior to the meeting. The discovery meeting covers some of the most important areas such as expectations, goals of life coaching, and sets the foundation of the sessions and the coaching relationship moving forward.

The Business Coaching Consultation

A consultation prior to the start of any coaching relationship will help set us up for success.  This complimentary session is designed to allow both of us to get to know one another, ask questions and learn more about your goals and the coaching process.   You can set up your no-obligation consultation using the link below!

Business Coaching