Who I Am

I'm ready to help you make the impossible, possible!

Being a leader is hard, and as the world grows exponentially more complex, it isn't going to get any easier.  Many leaders struggle just to keep their heads above water.  It feels difficult to maintain even the appearance of balance in their lives, and most haven't been given the tools or support they need to be successful. 

Through Innovations Consulting, I strive to help both organizations and individuals build their leadership muscle.  I understand that change is rarely easy, and it isn’t something that will just ‘happen’. Whether building an entirely new business strategy or helping an individual leader set more appropriate professional boundaries, I can provide the support, tools and practical steps for you to make real progress. 

With decades of real-world business experience with organizations of all sizes, I am here to help you make meaningful change happen.   I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and help you develop strategies for not only surviving but also thriving in the future. 


If you'd like to learn more, please click on the link below to set up a free, no obligation consultation and let’s talk about the possibilities!